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AHI Carrier offers career opportunities across a number of areas.

Sales Management

Managers who are expanding the brand, growing the P&L, broadening the territories, and managing the teams across all our entities while supporting our subsidiaries and focusing on our clients.

HVAC Design & Sales Engineers

A strong team working on the design, development and modification of HVAC applications and programs. They participate in overall systems testing as well as writing technical specifications to design or redesign HVAC solutions.

After Sales Maintenance and Service

  • Service / Maintenance – consisting of a number of skills HVAC Service Engineers, specialized sales and back office teams which all have a direct line of sight to the achievement of the business goals.
  • Parts Sales –supporting the maintenance teams across all business streams.

Operations and Support Functions Areas

Operations and Support areas consist of a vast variety of functions including Finance, Logistics, Sales, Purchasing, Commercial, Warehousing, Marketing, Human Resources, Information Technology and Health and Safety which are all committed to delivering business promises to our customers.

If you are interested in any areas above, please send a CV to hr@ahi-carrier.com