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  19XR/XRV  Hermetic Centrifugal Liquid Chiller

19XR AquaEdge

Semi-Hermetic Centrifugal Chiller

200 to 1,600 Nominal Tons (703 to 5627 kW)

19XRV with Variable frequency Drive
200 to 1,600 Nominal Tons (703 to 5627 kW)

19XR Two-Stage
800 to 3,000 Nominal Tons (2814 to 10,551 kW)

Performance Features
  • IPLV to 0.31 (19XRV)
  • Chlorine-free HFC-134a refrigerant
  • Semi-hermetic compressor motor
  • Low energy consumption during part load and full load operation
  • Aerodynamically contoured impeller
  • Multilingual display
  • Compatible with Carrier Comfort Network® (CCN) communication link
  • Two stage compressor economized (19XR two-stage units)

Reliability Features
  • ASME constructed heat exchangers
  • Single-stage (200-1600 tons) or two-stage (800-3000 tons) positive pressure compressor
  • Low voltage control circuits
  • Lowest industry refrigerant leakage rate at less than 0.1%
  • Semi-hermetically sealed compressor, motor, and transmission
  • Automated controls may be tested before start-up
  • Refrigerant-cooled, unit-mounted variable frequency drive (19XRV)

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